Why I decided to learn software development

Making the decision to learn a hugely difficult skillset is not something to be taken lightly. This is especially true when it requires immense technical knowledge. So deciding to make a commitment to software development, for me, was a big deal.

Previously, I had been working as an artist and designer. I loved art, but found the business side of creative work to be punishing and contrary to what made me passionate about art in the first place. As I spent years doing freelance jobs and checking job listings, the reality of the market eventually became clear. Artists were rarely in demand, but there were always openings for programmers.

Software developers create products and facillitate services in ways that directly create value for users and employers. In contrast, the work that artists and designers do will always be more limited. In order to be relevant, you need skills that can actually solve people’s problems, and art just wasn’t enough of an answer.

I had programmed before in the past - dealing with languages like Visual Basic, Java, and C++. I had enjoyed being able to create functional, interactive products, and solving problems in logical, algorithmic ways. It offered me a way to create more value for others and at a certain point, it became obvious that in order to achieve my goals, I needed to switch tracks.

Since making that decision, I’ve made huge progress learning Ruby, Rails, ActiveRecord, JavaScript, and Angular as well. In a short period of time, I’ve developed a much more marketable skillset and I know that I’ll now be able to make more of an impact with what I’ve learned.

Mitul Mistry

Mitul Mistry
I’m Mitul Mistry, a full-stack developer and designer. Contact me here: MitulMistryDev@gmail.com

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